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 At TeamBSS, we utilize functional training techniques in our classes and training sessions. We are known in our local community as that crazy gym that uses all of those weird things. Our mission is to provide our clients with safe, efficient, fun and effective methods of training that can be done by anyone, no matter their level of fitness or experience. We do not believe in the traditional machine workout; our bodies are our most important pieces of equipment at Team BSS. We use kettlebells, ropes, sleds, rings, atlas stones, steel logs, yokes, Olympic bars, bumper plates, etc. as tools to vary our sessions and provide our clients with a fun and inviting functional workout. Our slogan is...We create Super Humans

Team BSS
"We work together as a Team Because Support Strengthens"

Contact us :  330-507-1406   330-729-9680

730 Bev Road, Boardman, OH 44512

Team BSS is now the first official American Strongman Corporation (ASC) affiliate gym! 

To find out more about this, please visit the link to the ASC official website: