Three Headed Monster

Here I am sitting at my desk with my arm in a sling, working on several article ideas and I am struggling to figure out which article I want to share the most. I really want to talk about coaches and how valuable they are on our journey to the stage. As I am writing about coaches I began to think about the “instant expert phenomena” that happens right after someone does his or her first bodybuilding show. Then there is that topic of attitude. I have been seeing a lot of miserable bodybuilders on social media lately, talking about “sacrifice” and “struggle”. I just feel like the “struggle mindset” is not the mindset to have when you are dedicating yourself to something that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Plus we are bodybuilding because we choose to be! Bodybuilding is something that should be enjoyed not dreaded. Finally, after many arguments with myself, I decided to put all three ideas into a single article, a three headed monster. Here you have it!

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Evolving Your Training

I have tried nearly every training philosophy known to man in my quest to become the biggest and leanest form of myself possible for the bodybuilding stage. After taking a hiatus from bodybuilding, to compete in strongman, I decided to give CrossFit a shot because performance was my new goal and CrossFit is an excellent form of cross training for strongman competitions, many top strongmen will agree. I was a little apprehensive at first ...

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